The New Freedom Project Partners with The Smiling Coast Foundation

Jul 16

Smiling Coast Foundation donates 200 bags of rice to needy Gambians

The Smiling Coast Foundation in partnership with the New Freedom Project has donated 200 bags of rice to needy and poor Gambians in Brusubi and Marakissah to alleviate their plight amid the coronavirus pandemic. The foundation’s founder Bubacarr Manneh said: “we are here to help the underprivileged in the Gambia during this Covid-19 crisis.

“One of our main objective is to help needy students go to school. So no one should be dropped out of school because their parents could not afford school fees and other (basic) needs.” Mr Manneh added: “We also want to feed families in need so that no one would go hungry in this present time, “each one feed one”.He said the foundation research showed that 60 percent of Gambians live below the poverty line. “This encouraged us do our little quota towards nation building as we know government cannot do it all.

“We did our groundwork about the beneficiaries and it will shock you to know that most of the people receiving the rice (donation) today live below two dollars a day.”